Kingsnorth Waste management Ltd. helps companies recycle their High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) plastic containers and drums.

Upon receipt of your material, KWM will give your company a DUTY OF CARE CERTIFICATE (as required by law).

What Can I Recycle?

  • Wheelie bins (all sizes)
  • Pipes (gas, water, corrugated, barrier)
  • Drums (25 ltr to 250 ltrs)
  • IBC Drums

Click Here to see photos and a list of the types of plastic we recycle at Kingsnorth Waste!

Environmental Law requires that you perform three simple steps before transporting plastic containers to us for recycling:

1. Clean or triple rinse your plastic containers.

2. Remove any labels covered by a plastic film.

3. Any hazardous warning labels must be crossed out with an "X" or removed.

How does Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd.

recycle HDPE and PP plastics?

1. Upon arrival at our site, all plastic containers are checked for chemicals and residue.

2. The containers are either baled or shredded into 40mm pieces.

3. The shredded or baled plastic is sent out to be washed and pelletized.

4. The pellets are melted down and used to manufacture another item.

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