Terms and Conditions for Our Clients

The following Conditions of Contract shall apply:


  • Collections will be made as requested by the client.
  • Waste items collected must be segregated as pre arranged with KWM.
  • Collection charges apply on collection unless otherwise stated.
  • Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. will aim to collect within 1 week of client phoning for a collection.
  • Our drivers will be instructed to go onto customer’s premises for collection of waste.
  • If for any reason the customer is unable, or refuses to accept a collection a fee will be chargeable.
  • KWM reserves the right to charge interest on late payments.
  • Call us at 01634 253557 for enquiries about our collection fees.

Deliveries to Kingsnorth Waste Management

  • Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. reserves the right to refuse deliveries on assessment of the load.
  • No food contamination accepted at KWM site.
  • Fertiliser bags must be separated (inners and outers) before delivering to KWM.
  • Chemical Containers must be triple rinsed and have the foils removed labels removed or defaced before delivering to KWM (this also applies to drums and barrels).
  • Rubber bases must be removed from traffic cones before delivering to KWM.
  • Compost bins must be shaken out and rinsed before delivering to KWM.
  • Bumpers must not have any foam in them before delivering to KWM.
  • Builders sacks must be shaken out free of rubble.
  • Plant pots and seed trays must be cleaned out before delivery to KWM.
  • Gate fees apply to all deliveries into KWM unless otherwise stated.
  • Call us at 01634 253557 for enquiries about our gate fees.

(Click here to see a list on acceptable and unacceptable items)

Restrictions on Materials KWM Can Accept at Our Facility:

  • For a complete list of acceptable and unacceptable items click here.
  • KWM does not accept PVC-contaminated loads. Unsuitable waste left at our site MUST be removed within 3 days of arrival after which KWM reserves the right to charge the client for the removal of the PVC from our facility. (£100.00 per load minimum charge)
  • We do not take the following materials – Glass, Rubber, Wood, Food Waste, Food Contamination.
  • Secure destruction must be asked for by email as there is a charge for this service

  • The Sale of Goods:

    • All goods sold will remain the property of Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. until full payment has been received.
    • Kingsnorth waste reserves the right to collect goods which have not been paid for.
    • All sales between the company and the buyer shall be recorded with full legal documentation, eg: Invoice, collection form, sales receipts.
    • Secure destruction must be asked for by email as there is a charge for this service.