Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd.

Highest Quality Product at the Best Prices, and the Highest Service Standards

At Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. our customers are our greatest priority.

At KWM our customers come first so we aim to provide them with the highest quality product at the BEST prices, and we strive to provide the best service we can to meet their needs.

Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. consistently maintains the highest industry standards.

Product Quality Standards

Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. supplies the highest quality product to our clients so we guarantee that our product has:

  • Below 5% contamination of processed product, i.e. minimal contamination by dust, dirt, debris and labels, etc.*
  • 0% glass contamination
  • 0% food waste contamination

*Outgoing load is single polymer type and contains below 5% contamination.

Service Standards

We at Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. take pride in offering our clients great service such as:

  • 15 minute turnaround time for pre-booked tipping load
  • 60 minute turnaround time for pre-booked articulated load with manual unloading
  • Container loading within the pre-agreed time slot
  • Payment for product within 30 days
  • 80% of unscheduled loads accepted on site within 48 hours of booking request
  • Relevant paperwork issued at appropriate time and with 100% accuracy