Quality Policy

Product Quality Standards

Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. supplies the highest quality product to our clients by guaranteeing that our product has:

  • Below 5% contamination of processed product, i.e. minimal contamination by dust, dirt, debris and labels, etc.*
  • 0% glass contamination
  • 0% food waste contamination

*Outgoing load is single polymer type and contains below 5% contamination.

Quality Policy

KWM boasts a broad range of customers and stakeholders from a wide cross section of private industries and public organisations and authorities. KWM aims to deliver a dependable, efficient service to all customers whilst adhering to our corporate aims and values, relevant legislation and good industry practice.

An integral part of our policy is customer service, dependability and delivering our contractual obligations.

To ensure this policy is delivered, and that KWM fulfils its legal and contractual obligations, we have Management Systems which:

Continuously monitors the quality of incoming and outgoing product

Provides a flexible range of services to suit both large and small companies. This means managing the plant to allow for low-volume ad-hoc deliveries, which means smaller waste producers, can cost effectively recycle their commercial waste, alongside contractual arrangements favoured by larger organisations

Records and documents the key stages in processing to demonstrate compliance and support the customer in their own legal and non-statutory compliance

Monitoring of quality indicators as a measure of performance; to enable improved performance and deliver against customer expectations

Ensure instruction, training and involvement of staff in the day to day operation, the long term objectives of the company, the importance of service delivery and meeting quality indicators.

KWM strives to communicate this policy to all levels of the organisation.