Plastic containers and drums

Thumbnail image for Plastic containers and drumsHelping companies recycle their High density polyethylene (HDPE) or Polypropylene (PP) plastic containers and drums to obtain a duty of care certification for disposal.

People often ask what needs to be done to conform to the EA laws.

drumsStep 1

  • Clean or Triple rinse your plastic containers or drums out.
  • Remove any labels with a plastic film on.
  • Mark a cross or remove any hazardous warning label to state it has been cleaned

This is an Environmental law which is to be followed before transporting waste for disposal / recycling.

What happens to your plastic containers and drums once they come to KWM?

Your plastic containers or drums are checked for chemicals and residue and then they are processed at our site in the way of baling or shredding into 40mm pieces.

Once we have a full load of the plastic containers or drums we then ship them out to be washed and pelleted.

The pellets are then melted down to form another item.

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