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Hard Plastic Remolders

Thumbnail image for Hard Plastic RemoldersWe supply bags of shredded plastic for remoulding such as HDPE and PP.

Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. sorts all material it receives by hand in order to ensure that our remoulder clients receive only contaminant-free product that is of the highest quality.

Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. guarantees that our product is not contaminated with food waste.

Call 01634 253557 to arrange a visit to inspect our product before you decide to buy.

Soft Plastic Remolders

Thumbnail image for Soft Plastic RemouldersKingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. produces bales of soft plastic in mixed or single colours here are some grades we produce at our sites:

  • Wash grade (construction film or farm films)
  • Jazz grade (mixed coloured)
  • 98/2 (clear grade with labels and print).

Here's What KWM Offers Our Buyers:

We offer a complete service to our buyers starting with our open door policy. We invite new buyers to our premises to see the quality of our product before you buy!

Our regular buyers know that we pride ourselves on the delivery of high-quality product in consistent quantities and in a timely manner.

Here at Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. we guarantee that:

  • All polymers are sorted by hand thus ensuring a 90% contaminate-free product of consistent high quality.
  • We process material to our buyers specifications: Shredded or baled.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality product to our clients in a timely and efficient manner.

Have a Query? Just drop us a line and include your NAME and PHONE NUMBER for prompt service!

Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. offers the following Polymer Products:

  1. PET Polyethylene Terephthalate
  2. HDPE High Density Polythene
  3. LDPE Low Density Polyethylene
  4. PP Polypropylene
  5. PS Polystyrene (hard plastic)

At Kingsnorth Waste Management Ltd. our priority is to supply our buyers with the highest quality product and the best service.

To visit our facility or to enquire about how we can best serve you, please call us today at 01634 253557